Hi-Phones is a creative eCommerce Platform,
specializing in Smartphones/Cell Phones category Open Box, branded Apple, Google & Samsung.

Apple Products

Why Hi-Phones.com?

Customers are constantly looking for the world’s most requested brands of smartphones “Apple, Google, and “Samsung”. How consumers of these products, they know that need to pay a high price for them, but a high percentage of the time, they can’t.

We know when these customers choose another way, buying through eBay, Amazon, or any other platform refurnished products, all-time they’re having technicals or aesthetics problems with the products received, and of course, they never receive these in OEM retail boxes, with OEM accessories.

This is Hi-Phones.com.
You will receive your Apple, Google, or Samsung smartphones, fully tested, 100% functional, in an aesthetic condition 9 of 10, In a box of the product brand with all original parts/accessories included, and for the best way, PAYING LESS.

With more than 10 years in the technology-electronic field, after selling thousands of products through our partners ShoppingandTravels.com and eBay, We developed this special platform e-commerce focused on the more successful products sold. Our Smartphones category Open Box is also called Grade A, or Like New.
Additionally, We offer New Sealed Products and Other Cellphone Brands.

All our devices are fully tested using our 30-point inspection process examining all internal and external functions (Camera, Battery, Buttons, Touch Scream sensibility, Speakers, Unlock status, and +) and are 100% fully functional.

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Have peace of mind, have confidence in your purchase.

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