What is the return policy?

We have 30 days Return Policy.  Starting the day when you receive your product.

Who pays for return shipping cost?

– If you are returning a product for a refund and the reason was for our mistake or damaged products, we will refund the total cost and We will send the print shipping label under our charge.

– If you are returning a product for some personal reasons, You will pay for the return shipping cost.

Restocking Fee. How much is it and when does it apply?

– How Much is it? Restocking Fee: It is 10% of the total amount (without tax) paid for the product returned.

– When does it apply? Restocking Fee to customers, only apply for one of these reasons:
a) If you are returning a product for some personal reasons, and when We received the product our technician team identifies it has some dents, scratch, Lock status, or some technical malfunction. We will charge a restocking fee of 10%.

b) It applies to all New sealed Apple, Samsung and other brands products purchased, if the return is started after 3 days that customers receive the product. There are no exceptions.


What’s an Open Box product?

Open-Box Products: Are items fully tested, 100% functional. Looks in an excellent aesthetic condition 9 of 10, in their original Retail box. All original parts/accessories included. Sometimes, a manufacturer’s warranty remnant is included.

What’s a New product?

New products: they are items in a new box, sealed and unopened. Manufacturer’s warranty included. (Sometimes this may not be included, depending on the manufacturing country.


How long does it take for shipping/delivery?

– Our special products section |  2-day shipping 48hs
– Regular Products: 5 to 7 Days

– Argentina, Uruguay: 15 to 20 Days.
– Brazil: 15 to 20 Days.

Do I have to pay Customs & import charges for international shipping?

Yes. For international shipping, Customs and import duties are detailed at the Check Out page. These are showing before processing the payment.

Do I need to make procedures with customs in my country?

No. We will make all customs procedures with each country, utilizing your personal information provided to us.
If for some reason, We need additional information for customs or international shipping procedure, We will contact you.